• Imagine...

    Imagine an international student preparing to return home after graduating from college in the States. While here, he came to faith in Jesus Christ and developed his personal relationship with Him. He has seen his life, his character and his thoughts transformed by God’s Word and God’s grace. As he thinks about returning home, his desire is to see generations of laborers developed as he lives and disciples among the lost in his natural relationship networks. The final result is that the Gospel spreads through his country.

    This is the Vision of the Navigators’ International Student Ministry and this is what we strive to see happen in the lives of international students on campuses across the United States.

  • Did you know?

    • Of the four most populated countries, three do not allow missionaries but do send a large number of students to study in the United States. 
    • Since 1954, international student enrollment has grown from 34,232 to 723,277
    • 6 of the top 10 countries that send students to the U.S. are closed to traditional missionary efforts. 

  • World Leaders who have studied in the United States

    A few examples of past & current leaders who have studied in the U.S.

    Prime Minister Netanhayu of Israel (MIT)
    Prime Minsiter Atef of Egypt (Illinois University)
    President Chirac of France (Harvard)
    President Fox of Mexico (Harvard)
    President Arroyo of Philippines (Georgetown)
    President Lee Ten-hui of Taiwan (Cornell University)